Management Procedures

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Record keeping forms an important part of a water management regime. It provides documentary evidence that the testing and inspection programme is being undertaken at the designated frequency, in accordance with ‘Legionnaires’ disease; The Control of the Legionella Bacteria in Water Systems 2001’.

Water Risk Management

APC can provide site specific log books to record all aspects of the water management regime. These are tailored from the findings of the Legionella Risk Assessment. The log book will also identify all control parameters for each of the tests being undertaken and, importantly, the corrective action required should the test result fall outside of the test control parameters.


For each test to be undertaken APC will provide a clear written procedure. This ensures continuity in the testing procedure, irrespective of who is undertaking the test.

APC can also provide you with full procedural documentation in the form of specific, tailored policy documentation.

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