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Pseudomonas is a killer

Do not be fooled into thinking it is a harmless bacteria that accumulates in your water supply. Pseudomonas can and does kill. If we need any reminding of this all we need to do is tune into the latest news which has seen a premature baby die after being exposed to pseudomonas aeruginosa. (Source:

Pseudomonas can and does kill

It has been reported that filters have “been fitted to the water system to make sure it is safe from the bacterium”. What is not clear from the reports is how bad the infection is and what other measures have been adopted to control it – aside from “regular testing and enhanced cleaning regimes”.

It is vital that facility managers insist on strong control and measurement systems to ensure that the risk of dying from pseudomonas is negligible.



Pseudomonas aeruginosa

  • Commonly found in soil and groundwater – and in large water supply systems
  • The people most at risk are those with depleted immune systems such as cancer patients, people with severe burns and premature babies in neonatal units
  • The bacteria can be spread by contaminated water, inhalation of aerosols, touching or on contaminated surfaces
  • It can be spread person-to-person through poor hand hygiene
  • Infection can be treated effectively with antibiotics, especially if treatment is started immediately

(Source: Health Protection Agency)

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