Tank Refurbishments

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APC are able to undertake the cleaning and refurbishment of a wide variety of water systems and associated pipe work with a minimum of disruption to your business. If water systems or cooling towers are left neglected, there is a risk that bacteria such as Legionella will proliferate leading to the spread of disease and a breach of current Health & Safety legislation.

Why carry out refurbishment?

A Certificate of Completion is issued on completion of the contract. It is often much more cost effective to refurbish a water tank than to replace it. We are able to employ various methods which will ensure the system is compliant with current regulations:

  • Tank alterations / reconfiguration / replacement / refurbishment
  • Tank painting with specialist coatings W.R.C. approved Dead leg removal on all types of systems
  • Fitting insulation
  • Pipework modification to prevent stagnation
  • Installation of new lid(s)


Are your water tanks a breeding ground for organisms?

Ongoing Water Hygiene Monitoring

Once refurbished, we recommend tanks undergo regular Water Hygiene Monitoring and, if necessary, cleaned and disinfected following our Legionella Risk Assessment programme.

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