legionella risk assessment to prevent legionnaires disease

Legionella Risk Assessments

Legionnaire’s Disease is a form of pneumonia caused by inhaling tiny water droplets which are contaminated with legionella bacteria. It is often fatal and is completely preventable.

Legionella - you are responsible

You are responsible for the safety of every member of the public passing through and working in your building, hospital, airport and even prison. Failure to act is criminal.

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International experience with Legionella Risk Assessments

International legionella risk assessment experience

At APC we've vast experience working internationally from Africa to the Middle East.

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Is your site safe? When was your last legionella risk assessment?

APC is an independent Buildings Health Management consultancy, working closely with clients to make sure buildings are safe, healthy places for people to live and work in.

Inspections and surveys carried out to exacting standards let us identify any safety and health issues affecting a building’s occupants. Our thorough legionella risk assessment then gives clients up-to-date advice that meets the requirements of Health & Safety.

With some clients, that is all they want us to do. For others, our independent Engineering Division provides any maintenance and cover requested. Every contract is different and we create a service to suit your particular needs.


Our clients cover the spectrum of property sectors: from manufacturing sites and foundries to nursing homes and schools.

Take a look through our website and see how we can help you. Then please get in touch to discuss what you need.

APC’s expertise covers:

Water Hygiene: From legionella risk assessments and audits to monitoring programmes and management procedures. We are specialists in legionella control, prevention and risk management.

Indoor Air Hygiene: Independent air quality monitoring and advice, helping you comply with legislation and improve your people’s health, comfort and wellbeing.

Fire Risk Assessments: Full fire risk assessment followed by written report and recommendations.

Health and Safety: Your existing practices and procedures audited on your premises, plus workplace risk assessment, with a full follow-up report and recommendations.

Environmental Management: Implementing and maintaining environmental Management Systems so you can monitor, control and improve your environmental performance.